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Special Circuits

Special Circuits

Smiths Pneupac®, ParaPAC®, VentiPAC® and TransPAC™ Ventilator Circuit

Extendible Length Code Qty/Box Adult 180 cm /~71″ 30005009 100 Adult 180 cm /~71″ 30005009-1 100 Smoth Bore Length Code Qty/Box Adult 120 cm /~47″ 20002009 60 Adult 120 cm /~47″ 20002009-1 (with peep-valve) 60

  • Clear material
  • PEEP valve option
  • No risk of miss-assembly after cleaning
  • No risk of contamination between patients due to inadequate cleaning
  • Compatible with all-existing Pneupac ventilators
  • Delivers high-effenciency oxygen therapies in pre-hospital, transport and hospital settings

Philips Cough Assist T70® Ventilator Circuit

Smoth Bore Length Code Qty/Box Adult 180 cm /~71″ 20005130 40

  • Clears secretion from the lungs by applying positive ait pressure

Proximal Pressure Line Circuits With Limb, Humidifier Chamber

Smoth Bore Length Code Qty/Box Adult 180 cm /~71″ 23215009 25 Pediatric 150 cm /~59″ 53213009 30

  • Pneupac, TransPAC, VentiPAC, ParaPAC are trademark of Smiths Medical

Neonatal Resuscitation Circuit

  •  NeoVent resuscitation system includes accurate and tactile PEEP control. It has been connected with 10F/15M and 15F connections to comply with all type of machines
  • NeoVent can be supplied with face masks, O2 tubing
  • Red Safety Cap- Protects when not being used. Used to seal circuit for leak testing. Aids in setting of PEEP and PIP.
  • Customization is avaliable.
  • Different lengths available.
  • Enhanced PEEP control.
  • Can be supplied with mask.

Corrugated Length Code Qty/Box Neonatal 120 cm /~47″ 70002009 50

Corrugated Length Code Qty/Box Neonatal 120 cm /~47″ 70002009-1 50

Nitric Oxide and Oxygen Delivery Circuit

  • Entonox® is a medical gas made up of equal parts of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen. Although used mainly in childbirth, it is analgesic and sedative effects are used in other hospital settings such as fracture clinics
  • Our Entonox® product range includes ready to use Entonox® circuits, which use lightweight corrugated tubing and can be fitted with breathing filters and either a mouthpiece or face mask to suit patient preference

Extendible Length Code Qty/Box Adult 300 cm /~118″ 30008109 50