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BPAP Circuits

BPAP Circuits

  • Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BPAP) is a modified version of the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).
  • It is a mode of ventilation with cycling variations between two continuous positive airway pressure levels. This mode offers two different levels of air pressure: Increased pressure during inhalation and decreased pressure during exhalation.
  • In adults this mode of ventilation is effective and is being accepted with a decrease in need for sedatives because of the ability to breathe spontaneously during the entire breathing cycle.
  • BPAPs may work better for those individuals who cannot comfortably breathe out against the fixed pressure of the standard device. Therefore BPAP is used for patients with restrictive or obstructive disorders, and for patients with sleep apnea who cannot tolerate the high pressure of CPAP.

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BPAP Circuit, Full Face Mask

Corrugated Length Code Qty/Box Adult 160 cm /~63″ 10004079 30

BPAP Circuit, Nasal Mask

Corrugated Length Code Qty/Box Adult 160 cm /~63″ 10004099 30

BPAP Circuit

Smoothbore Length Code Qty/Box Adult 180 cm /~71″ 20005009 50

  • Acute core non invasive ventilation circuit
  • Perfect solution for dry high flow gas