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MDI Chamber

Code Qty/Box
925 50

R-Vent MDI Chamber is a single patient use collapsible holding chamber (CHC) used to administer metered dose inhaler medications into a ventilator circuit. It is designed to be left in the inspiratory limb of a ventilator circuit, and can be collapsed when not in use without interruption of continuous mechanical ventilation while keeping the patient less disrupted and less risky for infections. The device is easy to connect and provides efficient aerosol drug delivery. The versatile device can be used with all MDIs including those with integrated dose counters.

Silicone Headstrap

Code Qty/Box
965 100

Adjustable Peep Valve

Kod Adet/Koli
975 50

Latex Breathing Bags

Liter Code Qty/Box
3,0 6030 40
2,0 6020 40
1,0 6010 50
0,5 6005 50

Non-Latex(Neoprene) Breathing Bags

Liter Code Qty/Box
3,0 6130 40
2,0 6120 40
1,0 6110 50
0,5 6105 50
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